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Every single bit of Beyblade is all here from Beyblade to V-Force to G Revolution and the new ongoing series Beyblade Metal fusion. You can cetch Beyblade Metal Fusion on Cartoonnetwork (or CN for short) every Saturday and Sunday at 7:30/6:30 c time.

New Club InfoEdit

Members Wanted:

If you own a Beyblade, Ripcord and Launcher you can join the Beywarriors and chat online and be shown in the special thankings page!


  • Dont Be Rude to players if you beat them
  • Try to Practice Bayblade as much as you can
  • No innapropriat word or anything that makes anyone uncomfertable
  • Dont touch anyones Beyblade without permisson
  • Have fun or your kicked out (just kidding) but have fun

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